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Tell us the skills you need, and get AI talent in less than 48hs.

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About us

At AnyoneAI, we invest in talent from Latam, preparing them for the jobs of the future in order to solve the artificial intelligence talent shortage for the enterprise.

We are VC-backed from day 1 ❤️ by top global investors like GFC -Global Founders Capital- (investors in Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Canva, Trivago, etc), Canvas Ventures (early investor in Coursera), Latitud Fund (the largest community of angel investors for LatAm including investments in QuintoAndar, La Haus, Clara, Platzi, OnTop, Pomelo, etc), among other investors.

We are AI / ML experts and second-time entrepreneurs, members of the founding team at Deep Vision AI (acquired in early 2020). We've worked with many Fortune 500 companies (Nvidia, Intel, AWS, Dell, Cadence, Cox Automotive, FLIR, Mercado Libre, etc) completing multiple projects in the early days of AI while leveraging remote talent from Latam.

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