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Our experts worked on AI projects with the following companies:

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According to

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jobs will be created in AI by 2026

We prepare you to be part of the future

  • Become an AI developer in less than 6 months
  • Get a job in AI with the help of our mentors.
  • Work from home for international companies.
  • Convert your income to US dollars and increase your salary.

$ 0 Initial cost

  • ❤️  You pay us only when you get a job.

How does it work?

Our process is composed of four stages:

+650 hours

of immersive training in AI

An AI and ML intensive training program designed by industry experts to give you all the tools you need for your future as AI Developer.

+400 hours of

coding in AI

You will develop projects in machine learning utilizing the latest tools and trends in AI, mentored by industry experts to solve real-world challenges.

+ We prepare you

for your future job

We prepare you for the interview process. You will receive mentorship and help in perfecting your resume and profile and together we will master the interview process.

+ We connect you

with companies looking for AI talent

Take this leap forward with us. Become part of our community and get noticed by our partners.

Why choose us?

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Learn by solving real-world problems

Our partners define the challenges, we bring them to you. Practice in a real production environment and gain hands-on experience needed to get hired in the industry.

You'll get personalized support from our experts in AI

Our instructors and mentors will guide you and accompany you in all stages of the process so that you have a seamless learning experience. You will have access to mentors 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Access to our community specialized in AI / ML

We provide access and 24/7 support from our AI / ML community so that you can continue to learn forever.

How much effort does it require?

Our program is designed to obtain results in less than 6 months.

AI alogorithm

🚀  Full-Time

  • Intensive training in a real environment.
  • 100% remote.
  • Support 24/7 from the community.
  • Weekly load of 40 hours.
  • 4 months long.

✈️  Part-Time

  • Intensive training in a real environment.
  • 100% remote.
  • Support 24/7 from the community.
  • Weekly load of 20 hours.
  • 6 months long.

What would you like to work on?

Our team has designed a specific program taking advantage of its expertise in AI.


Job descriptions analyzed


Projects carried out in AI

ML / Machine Learning Developer

Job Description

  • Understand business objectives, develop and train ML models that help to achieve them.
  • Find available datasets that could be used to train, manipulate, verify and clean data.
  • Analyze algorithms that could be used to solve a given ML problem.
  • Analyze the errors of the model and design strategies to overcome them.
  • Optimize ML models to fit on available hardware resources.
  • Build, test, deploy, and maintain ML code in production.

You will spend +650 hs working with this stack:

Work with python
Work with tensorflow
Work with pyTorch
Work with NumPy
Work with kubernetes
Work with scikit-learn
Work with docker
Work with aws
Work with nvidia

How do I register?

❤️   You do not need any previous knowledge in machine learning, we only care about your mindset and your desire to overcome adversity.

1. Application

🕓   15 Min

Share your story with us. We want to know why you want to be part of the program. You can apply by

2. Course Prep

🕓   8 Hs. (Optional)

Get access to our course prep. If you already have knowledge in programming, this stage can be avoided.

3. Technical Challenge

🕓   4 Hs

We give you an admission challenge, if you pass it, you will be ready to change your life by learning AI / ML. You will have the possibility of trying it as many times as you want.

How much does it cost?

It doesn't cost you anything until you start in your new job.

$ 0 initial cost

No fees required to apply or access the program.

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And only if you get a job

10% fee

on your gross income over 24 months.

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About us

At AnyoneAI, we invest in talent from Latam, preparing them for the jobs of the future in order to solve the artificial intelligence talent shortage for the enterprise.

We are VC-backed from day 1 ❤️ by top global investors like GFC -Global Founders Capital- (investors in Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Canva, Trivago, etc), Canvas Ventures (early investor in Coursera), Latitud Fund (the largest community of angel investors for LatAm including investments in QuintoAndar, La Haus, Clara, Platzi, OnTop, Pomelo, etc), among other investors.

We are AI / ML experts and second-time entrepreneurs, members of the founding team at Deep Vision AI (acquired in early 2020). We've worked with many Fortune 500 companies (Nvidia, Intel, AWS, Dell, Cadence, Cox Automotive, FLIR, Mercado Libre, etc) completing multiple projects in the early days of AI while leveraging remote talent from Latam.

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